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Student Reviews

We have been taking karate as a family from Miki since 2010, he is absolutely amazing!!!! He has taught the 5 of us so many valuable life skills. Confidence, respect, discipline, patience and how to have fun as a family. We are so grateful and highly recommend Life Skills karate to all!!!

Anthany B.

The family that kicks together sticks together! Great place to learn Life Skills! Everyone in our family enjoys the development we see from our training. Love this place!

Cheryl A.

This has been such a great experience for my daughter. The life skills part is just what she needs! Thanks, Miki!

Emily G. 

My son has been going here for just over a month now. Miki is an amazing teacher. He teaches self defense techniques and also teaches the kids important life skills. My son looks forward to going every time. My daughter would watch my son at his classes and decided she really wanted to do the program too. Miki is encouraging to all the kids and points out things they are doing well and helps with things they struggle with. Both of my kids really take to heart everything Miki teaches them. I would recommend this to everyone. Very glad we found this studio.

Jesse O.

We went in for a privet introduction class to see if this would be a good fit for my son and it is exactly what we were looking for. He teaches the karate skills my son wanted but is also teaching life skills such as respect, problem solving, and how to work through tasks that might be hard. We will definitely be signing up!

McKinzie N.

I love Life Skills karate. I was very hesitant when I first joined because I’m not in the best of shape and was afraid of being embarrassed. Miki is so encouraging and supportive and I am so proud of how far I’ve come with just a month of karate so far. I highly recommend his classes.

Mateya C.

Such an amazing place for kids and adults to learn self defense and emotional well-being. Owner Miki is amazing and so very positive and patient with all the students in his classes. My daughter has not only learned how to defend herself physically but how to traverse through her intense emotions as well. Miki teaches his students a new life skill each week on how to manage and navigate through the emotions kids go through. I would recommend this place to any family!

Cheryl K.

I cannot say enough about Miki and his program--it is truly phenomenal and a place that I want my children to be. I even feel leaving grounded and better, just by actively watching my child! A brilliant combination of karate, agility games, and a meaningful/applicable life skill (taught in an intimate circle discussion) in EVERY session.

Katie B. 

I love learning Karate with Miki! He is very patient, knowledgeable, and highly skilled. I also love the life skills. I should have started Karate years ago!

Xiao Xiao H. 

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